Stream Conditions

Hot Flies

Blue Winged Olives #18-22
Pheasant Tail #16-18
Prince Nymph #8-12
Woolly Buggers #4-12
Tiny Black Stone Flies # 16-18
Griffith Gnat #18-22
Midge Larva #18-22

Fishing conditions, as of this writing, are very good. Ridley Creek & the East Branch of the Brandywine have a large amount of fish from the recent Fall Stockings.  Other local streams continue to fish well too. White Clay will receive another stocking from White Clay Flyfishers on or around Christmas Day.  Stop by the shop to purchase a raffle ticket to help fund this stocking.

Big flies fished deeply will catch fish this time of year. Use streamer patterns like Woolly Buggers and Muddler Minnows, and fish them slowly. This kind of fishing will require some patience but can be quite rewarding.

We can expect hatches of Tiny Blue-Winged Olives over the next few weeks.  Hatches will occur during the warmest part of the day.

Midges will also be present in area streams, and again will hatch during the warmest part of the day. Try the Griffith’s Gnat, but be sure to be prepared with a variety of imitations.

Remember that all the nymphs for the spring hatches are in the stream now and, although they have yet to reach their full size, they are now large enough to be of interest to the trout. Generic nymph patterns such as Hare’s Ears and Pheasant Tails will produce well, and Olive nymphs are always a best-bet on Ridley. Sizes are 16 and smaller will be most productive.

Attractor patterns should not be overlooked; both freshly-stocked and hold-over trout are often receptive to Green Weenies, Honey Bugs, San Juan Worms, etc.